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Multi-discipline team approach
Focused on customer needs
Supporting existing and new applications
Innovation from manufacture to disposal

Continous innovation is part of our business philosophy. Through intensive own and cluster research and development work, highly innovated technologies for environmental protection are advanced.The Reseach & Development Department devoted to research sepcialty fiber application, technical filter medium manufacture and filter material applications.In the year of 2006, a new Technology Building with Technology Centre and Pilot Plant has been built.They are all equipped with new and advanced facilities and inspecting inspecting instruments.

The Reseach & Development Department is subdivided into Three parts:
1.Filter medium R&D Center
Filter medium processing technology development
Finishing and Chemical (finishment inprovement)
Mechanical Ctechnological tests (Application tests)

2.Filter Material Insepcting Center
Insepcting room is equipped with advanced instruments like SEM,FI-IR, Air Permeability Tester, Electronic Fabricstrength Tester.

The main function includes:
Filter medium and filter bag analysing
Working condition simulating
Performances evaluating
Bag damage degree analysing

3.Pilot Plant
Pilot plant is able to undertake the experimental production in earlier stage of new products developing or sampling for customers. Not only can it efficiently cooperate with product department in raw material testing and produing process analysing ,but also can meet the demand on new products R&D and quality improvement.

Filter media C tried
and tested performance

SEM tesing 2
Analyse 3
Auto Analysis Instrument 1
Pilot Plant
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