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Quality Management
Quality Control
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Quality Control
We spinning strict ISO9001 quality certification system. Especially with a comprehensive set of fabric testing instruments and equipment to ensure the stability of quality of raw materials and the finished product quality control of the filter bag. And can detect the physical properties of the old bag, analyze reasons of bag breakage.

1. Pilot Plant
Pilot plant is able to undertake the experimental production in earlier stage of new products developing or sampling for customers.

To test the heat resistance and shrinkage of the filter media (0-300 degrees Celsius).

3.Strength tester
Test the break strength and elogation.

4.Electronic balance
Test the gram weight of the filter media.

5.Air permeability tester
Test the air permeability of the filter media.

6.Electron microscopes
Check the fiber and dust structure

7.Thickness tester
Check the filter medai thickness

8.Surface/volume resistance tester
Test the ability of the antistatic filter media

9.Rolled cloth inspection table
To check the quality of rolled filter media
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