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PolyPolypropylene filter cloth
The polypropylene fiber is great for acid proof, alkali proof, and great anti- abrasion (second only to the polyamide fiber). Polypropylene staple fiber is short, and hairy after spun. While Polypropylene filament fiber is long, and the filament yarn is smooth, so the fabric make of filament yarn has larger tenacity than the fabric made of staple yarn, as well as greater air permeability. Filter fabric made of staple yarn has hair on the surface, so it is better than filter fabric made of filament yarn for dust collection and pressure filtration. While the fabric made of filament yarn has smooth surface and high air permeability , so it is suitable for liquid filtration. We have successfully equipped many filter presses in various industries with our polypropylene filter fabric.

They can be widely used in pharmaceutical, non-ferry melting, chemical industrial, for the equipments of frame filter press, centrifuge filter, vacuum filter, etc.
The filtering precision can reach less than 5 microns.

1) Model no.: 840AB
2) Strong force and good ventilation
3) Weight (g/sqm): 460
4) Density (root/10cm): 227.5 (warp), 117.5 (weft)
5) Thickness (mm): 0.88
6) Permeability (10 - 3cbm/sqm.s): 26
7) We can also supply other polypropylene filters, such as108,108C, 521, 522, 534, 750A, 750B, 110C, 4212 and 4878 according to your requirements. The weaving and density can be changed.

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