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Regular fiberglass fabric
Fiberglass is appropriate for high temperature applications (up to 500°F/260°C). It is strongly discouraged for applications where HF is present.
Yarn Type Warp
75 1/0
Yarn Type Fill
150 1/0 Filament &50 1/0 Tex/Ply
Finish (Base Fabric)
Weight (Nominal)
10.0 oz/yd2
339 gm/m2
Weave Pattern
1 x 3 RH Twill
Thread Count
54 x 30 (Warp x Fill)
Air Permeability (Average)
6.5 cfm/ft2 @ 0.5" wg
3.1 (m3/min/m2 @ 20 mm wg)
Continuous Service Temperature
Mullen Burst Strength
500 psi (minimum average)
3447 kilopascals
Breaking Strength Warp
290 Lbf/1" ravel (minimum average)
1290 N/2.54 cm ravel
Breaking Strength Fill
160 Lbf/1" ravel (minimum average)
712 N/2.54 cm ravel
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