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PTFE-Coated woven glass fabric

- High Durability membrane technology provides an excellent combination of filtration efficiency, airflow, and durability
- PTFE fiberglass fibers provide good all-around chemical and temperature resistance
- Lightweight fabric design and construction provides excellent dimensional stability, flexibility, and resistance to mechanical damage over the life of the filter

- Chemicals processing: dryers and micronizers in TiO2 and pigment industries
- Minerals processing: cement kiln/mill, alkali bypass, lime kiln, and lightweight aggregate dust collectors
- Metals processing: iron and steel production foundries and ferro-alloy production
- Power generation and incineration: Incinerators and boilers

Technical specifications
Fiber content
Fabric construction
Modified crowfoot
Continuous operating temperature
260°C (500°F)
Maximum surge temperature
288°C (550°F)
Acid resistance
Very good
Alkali resistance
570 g/m2 (16.8 oz/yd2)
Breaking strength
Machine direction
1291 N/2.54 cm (290 lb/1 in) ravel
Cross-machine direction
1002 N/2.54 cm (225 lb/1 in) ravel
Mullen burst
4137 kPa (600 psi) minimum
0.71mm (0.028 in)

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