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Supervision, inspection, maintenance - our commitment
In addition to providing high-quality performance products, we will also offer services to customers regarding the installation and maintenance of comprehensive services.

Technical Analysis
Behavior Analysis to provide dust, dust particle size testing, testing the physical properties of the old bag
Provide gas temperature, pressure, humidity analysis, the filtration rate of the test
Medium flow and pressure loss measurement
By a total of situation analysis, identify the cause of bag breakage.
Confirm the cleanliness of the environment and the sealing
To provide laboratory analysis and testing mud
A professional and technical personnel to test and submit test reports operating
Visual hose and accessories, and sampling
Failure to find the root cause of filter
Detailed inspection reports, covering all the test parameters

Systems Analysis
Rui Pu spinning will focus on filtering technology to provide a wider range of maintenance and services. Whether the concept of the new filter, or filter on the improvement of existing equipment, we are willing to communicate with you.
Rui Pu spinning customer service department is equipped with technical staff, installation personnel and spare parts personnel, professional answers to your questions and provide services.

About Installation
Analysis of how to improve the old filter, thereby increasing productivity, combined with the latest technological advantages
The recent installation of improvements and the installation and maintenance to improve
Sure filtration applications related to physical and chemical properties

We will provide you need.
If you want to know how the spinning pump Shui for your needs, providing reliable, efficient, low-cost solution, please contact us immediately!
Service Tel :0086-21-69895040
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