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Filter Press Panles and Its Features

Filter presses were introduced at the turn of the century and have been around for many years. A filter press contains a series of plates with a filtering surface on both sides. The plates are covered with a Filter press cloth. Many of these plates are pushed together to form chambers with sufficient Filtration area for the application. A slurry is forced into the chamber. The press cloth allows the filtrate to pass through, dewatering the filter cake which forms on the press cloth. The cake is discharged by pulling the plates apart. The cycle then repeats itself. Filter presses are among the most versatile of all liquid/solid separation unit operations. They adapt easily to variations in feed concentrations, particle size and other physical properties, delivering very dry cake and high solids capture with low chemical conditioning costs.


We manufacture all styles of press cloths including drape-over, CGR, and cloths with connecting sleeves (butterfly types). We provide head, tail, and intermediate press cloths in various medias and designs including plain cloths, and center and corner feed holes. We also offer covering cloths in many different styles and configurations.

- Available in cotton, polyester, polypropylene, nylon
- Drape-over & Butterfly
- thermal cut panels
- Velcro fastening for easy fixing
- Unique neck fabrication
- metal & plastic eyelids for holes

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