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Filter Cloth - The Real Heart of Your Filter Press

Purfy can assist you with proper filter press media selection, (and slurry testing where necessary) to insure you have the best possible fabric and weave, with the proper fabric finishing operations and construction techniques for your filtration application. We make sure that our filter press media provides good particle retention, clear filtrate, high flow rates, and dry filter cakes.

Use of the correct filter cloth for your application, and proper filter cloth maintenance, is absolutely key to:

· High Productivity

· Good flow rates and throughput

· Short cycle times

· Exceptional cake release

· Less frequent cleaning

· Lower differential operating pressure

· Good Labor utilization

· Clear filtrate

· Dry cakes

· Maximum media / cloth life

· Long filter plate life

· Minimal press operational costs

Filter Press cloth is amongst the lowest cost item on your press, and more often than not the most neglected and overlooked (and ultimately the more expensive) item on it. To maximize press production and quality, and to and minimize associated expenses, we strongly recommend that you:

· Record the length of your first two or three press cycles when you begin with new (or properly washed / cleaned) cloth.

· Write the time down in a prominent location.

· When your cycle increases in time ~ 10 to 15, (and the cycle will always increase over time) STOP and clean your filter cloth.

· Whenever the cycle (with freshly cleaned filter cloth) does not return back close to the original time, its useful life has been consumed, so STOP and install a new filter cloth.

· Always keep a spare set of filter cloth on the shelf to prevent downtime and problems associated with an out of service press. (Lead-times on replacement cloth typically run 2 to 3 weeks)

· As soon as you use the spare cloth, order another set. If you are using caulk & gasketed plates you may even want to consider maintaining a cleaned, pre-dressed set of plates to minimize press downtime.

· Always use a thermoplastic cake scraper with rounded edges to minimize cloth wear, and to prevent cloth damage. NEVER use a steel putty knife or scraper!

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